Saturday, July 6, 2013

What About This Rain?

Red River Gorge & Natural Bridge

5 Star Cabin Rental

July 4th Weekend


     Wow!....What a beautiful summer day! We have a light rain and the mountain air smells soooo fresh! Maybe the angels are doing their laundry today!

      No kidding! We certainly have had our share of rain this summer. However, the rain has not kept the tourist away!  They are splashing and playing and hiking and just having a big time. A warm rainy day is not going to keep people away from the Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge! A little rain just makes a day in the mountains a little more interesting!
     Not so true for a cute little bear cub yesterday found on the deck of a cabin here at "Natural Bridge Cabin Country". This little cutie was maybe trying to take cover from a rainy day! Bears have always fascinated me and I am very excited to have them as our new neighbors here at the Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge!
     Today I am putting one of our chalets in the spotlight. This chalet is our secluded "Romantic Hide Away". It is located in the same development that our little bear friend has been "hiding out". "Romantic Hide Away Chalet" is secluded and cozy with 1 bedroom. This chalet has a deck with a grill and patio furniture and also a  hot tub. "Romantic Hide Away Chalet" has a fireplace you can enjoy year round and also a large flat screen TV mounted over the fireplace. You can see it and many more beautiful cabins at .

    There is so much to do here at the Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge State Park Resort area. My husband, Lloyd, and I own the new "Wildthings of Kentucky" Nature Center and Gem Mining extravaganza! You can view our poisonous and non poisonous snakes of Kentucky "live" in our nature center along with a life size bear mounting, Kentucky turtle aquarium and a trout and bass aquarium.   Our gift shop is WONDERFUL! Adults and children alike, love our gift shop. We have all kinds of little "hard to find" treasures for all ages and some yummy homemade fudge!   Our Natural Bridge Gem Mining has been a thrill for all ages. Miners have been finding rubies, emeralds, garnets, sapphires and all kinds of neat gemstones!
     My friend, Judy Shaw, is the owner of the Natural Bridge Sky Lift. Judy also has a gift shop that is quite nice but the truly amazing event that Judy has to offer is her 22 minute round trip ride "Sky Lift". You can ride all the way up to the path that leads to the beautiful "Natural Bridge" with a panoramic view  of the Natural Bridge State Park surrounded by Daniel Boone National Forest. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall....there is always an picturesque view.
     Speaking of views, many of our cabins have spectacular views from their decks. "Grand View" Chalet, "Sunset Canyon" Chalet," Sunset Falls" Chalet, "Majestic Mountain View" Chalet, "Hickory Ridge" Chalet all sit on a cliff overlooking canyons. Truly beautiful. "Star Teaser" Chalet also has a beautiful view of the Red River Gorge Cliffs and if it is a beautiful sunset for a romantic evening you are looking for, look no farther.....reserve "Majestic Mountain View" Chalet, "Sunset Canyon" Chalet or "Sunset Falls" Chalet!
     Our "Special Of The Week" cabin is "Firelight Chalet". Just mention the promo code: "Red River Gorge Blog" and you will be able to enjoy this chalet with 2 bedrooms for 15% off per night with a 2 night minimum for the week of July 7 - 13.
    With the rain we have been having....I bet the canoeing is very very good  in the Red River Gorge. Don't have a canoe? Don't worry, there is a canoe rental here with plenty of canoes. This rain is also feeding the beautiful waterfalls we have in the Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge area. We have a few cabin properties with waterfalls and they would be "Serenity Falls Cabin" and Sunset Falls Chalet". Both of these properties have large waterfalls on the property with the cabins and you can hear them while sitting out on the decks.

       Rain or shine....we are always having a good ole time down here at the Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge Resort area. Please come visit us at 5 Star Cabin Rental. We have a new "Popcorn Machine"  and plenty of beautiful cabin to choose from!  (606)663-8858.