Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Red River Cabin Rentals of 5 Star

The Red River Cabin Rentals of 5 Star (Part 1)

  Introduction: 5 Star Natural Cabin Rental Central Location in Red River Gorge

Looking for a cabin in the Red River Gorge Area? How about being just a few miles from The Natural Bridge State Resort Park, practically in the midst of both areas. Take a look at this sign hanging on the Natural Bridge Cabin Rental's check in lodge conveniently off of Mountain Parkway. Oh, by the way this is in real time. Give this following link a few seconds and click the short ad off!

Live Cam at Office of 5 Star check in Center

This is the beginning of our journey around the area with a look at some of the unique features of the Gorge and the many cabins located so close to most all of them. If you looked through our live cam you will see a sign that says Natural Bridge straight ahead and the Red River Gorge in the direction to the right. The Natural Bridge State Resort Park and the Gorge are only a couple of miles away.

This sets the beginning of our tour describing only a few of 5 Star's cabins in these areas.

A. Scenic Heights

Scenic Heights cabins and Majestic Mountain View cabin are located on Glencairn Road about 2 miles from Natural Bridge Road. Cliffs at Hickory Ridge overlooks a beautiful canyon where there is a swing for two on the overlook.

Only a few miles from the Natural Bridge State Park, this is strategically located for those that want immediate access to park restaurant, swimming pool, and other facilities and can still be only a few miles away yet in the comforts of the 5 Star Cabin be isolated in beauty and view. The Zip line is located just down the road from the Park.
Hickory Ridge Chalet is only around 2 miles from all of this and has an incredible view.
On down the road to the very quaint Wild Things! of Kentucky with snakes, gem mining, and many interesting items AND your check in lodge in the middle of The Red River Gorge 5 Star cabin rental center.
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B. Majestic Mountain View Cabin

The "Majestic Mountain View" is very secluded and only 3 miles from Natural Bridge State Park and overlooks Mill Creek Canyon. This cabin well into the Red River Gorge area boasts 6 person occupancy. The view as one might surmise from the fact that it is overlooking a Canyon is breathtaking.